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Roger Gauthier -

Often called "The Road Less Traveled" I studied religions and spiritual practices of all sorts only to come up discontented as well. It was made very clear that this road can be very dangerous if you abandoned the voice of wisdom which beacons to us on the inside.

In pursuit of the light of truth, the path became more narrow and in taking that path, my heart began to swell with LOVE like nothing ever experienced and a peace I so desperately wanted.

Today, it is my hearts full desire to be used in any way necessary to bring the restoration of LOVE's true nature, and desire, to all those who are appointed to cross my own path.

So with that understanding allow me to extend an invitation to you, to join me on this journey. A journey that leads closer and closer to the FATHERS heart. One in which we get to know our true FATHER better and better every day.

You can follow me online in all the usual places where My posts will reveal my own walk... where I am, and what is being taught to me.

So long as I am heading in the right direction and getting closer, feel free to learn from the successes of my lessons, as well as from the mistakes.

If it seems I am wandering off the path too far, then feel free to come along side and gently nudge me back on course.

What is being impressed upon my heart and mind is that when we truly desire to draw close to TRUE LOVE, die to our selfish ways, & listen to that tender still small voice, our hearts fill with love and peace.

The insidious part is discovering how deeply tied into our nature those selfish ways reach and the stealthy influence they can yield on us if we don't keep close watch on them.

Our Gauge: When we stray from the path we become prideful, lonely, angry, rude, irritable, frustrated, empty, anxious, and all the other ugly attributes we all know and have seen.

Our hearts are only content when they are in intimate fellowship with the ONE that truly loves us. Everything else only leaves us empty after it uses up our heart space.

So come and journey with me along this grand adventure. Take it from experience, it is the only path worth taking.

To begin, enjoy this little love letter already written to you.

Welcome to
Tri-Vision Global

My Name is Roger & I'll be your guide on this amazing adventure...

My life's story really is not important unless you wish to accelerate your own journey. In short, like every one else my desire was to be happy, content, and at peace. But trials came along my way that eventually drove me to find what I thought were keys to a fulfilled, happy, and overflowing life. And boy did I have a rude awakening. 🙂

The journey continues today with it's up's & down's, bends & turns. Some days hard, some days easy. Days in which the view from the top is incredible, and others the storms in the valleys can be challenging. All in all, it has been incredible. The growth and maturity however and the full expression of life in me is the greatest reward ever.

Over the years I have sought success, fame, money, acceptance, approval of others, and material possessions in hope of filling a deep void in my heart and nothing satisfied.

Then began a pursuit of another kind.

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