You Could Be Given A
Private Invitation To Sit

Introducing A Divinely Inspired Hybrid of A Mastermind
Tribe & Coaching Program To Hear Clearly From Heaven

The KING'S Table Features:

  • Monthly Online Kings Gathering
  • Masterminding with other key influencers & leaders
  • Monthly Keynote Live & Recorded Webinar
  • Group Love Seat for 3 Kings per Webinar
  • Yearly Recreation Experiential Outings
  • Specilized Mission Critical Training
  • Monthly Executive Focus Book Summary
  • Emergency Support Texting
  • Much Much More

The Next Opening for

April 6th 2023

What If You Could Get a Divine Strategy
Directly From Heaven to Make A More
Significant Impact In Today's World?

Now You Can Finally Acquire the Divine Strategies to
Dominate Your Market Space, Maximize Your Profits
& Make the Final Greatest Impact for the Kingdom of Heaven.


We Face Unprecedented Challenges

As a fellow business/ministry owner of a strategic consulting, coaching and training company it's abundantly clear that we are all facing challenges of extreme magnitude, and unprecedented complexity.

From the threats of terrorism surrounding us, the economic precipice to which we sit, the political polarization we are engaged in, global warming, and demographic redefining, to dwindling resources and a super hyper competitive market place, it's paramount to recognize that a better strategy, with a wiser approach, is critical for us to not just survive but, ideally, to thrive in order to impact your world.

Add to that, staying competitive & relevant in your space, while standing out and staying in the forefront of your prospects & customers minds and hearts, with the millions of competitor's entering the market place yearly, it is more challenging than ever.

It's easy to deduce that difficulty will grow exponentially!

And finally when we throw into the mix, being super busy and unable to keep up with the changes in technology in-order to break through the noise & distractions that cloud our customers experience to hear our message, as well as to reach new customers & clients, it's going to require nothing short of a miracle to grow our businesses and ministries.

Conservative Business Targeted for Inhalation!

But there is an even bigger challenge on the horizon.

As the leader of your company/vision, you bear a unique responsibility to guide and navigate your business or ministry through the hyper competitive and changing environment of business today while being able to grow and be profitable.

But in today's landscape we face a particularly difficult challenge. We are dealing with an enemy that is bent, not on just beating us, but even more insidious, is our complete destruction, if not inhalation and removal all together in the market place.

YouTube's crackdown on conservative voices is just the beginning on the shutting down of conservative faith based channels and helpful resources.

Google alone has begun a digital book burning if you will by dramatically altering their algorithm so that searches present more liberal results, leaving out the more conservative content or pushing it so far back that many users will never see it.

Google’s stranglehold on the internet makes it easier for sites with a left-leaning or centrist viewpoint to rank higher in Google search results compared to sites with a politically conservative viewpoint.

And this is just the beginning.

Soon domain registrations of conservative websites will be strategically revoked at the whim of a CEO who has been bought out.

Just look at what is happening in California.

It's Time For A Divine Strategy!

The time to come together, as faith based business/ministry owners, to
seek Heaven's strategy, is not just critical, but paramount,
if not absolutely mandatory!

It's Time We Break Free

Yet in the places that could make the most difference in people's lives, the faith community, we have been divided by ego, pride and for some, selfish pursuits.

The forces of darkness keep us locked in strongholds of mind and emotion so that we don't come together to form powerful masterminds that solve problems, seek the LORD for innovative solutions and help each other expand the Kingdom of Godly influence.

As a result we've lost precious ground in the hearts and minds of people and it is those same people who are suffering the consequences of US not truly being there for them.

Our collective pride, our dis-unity, and our selfish objectives have placed a "huge hole in our nets" to make a positive difference in both the world and the hearts & minds of people.

And it appears those whose motives are for evil have begun to prevail.

It's time we break free! This is why we were led to form

A Round-Table of global leaders that assemble Bi-monthly to seek
the HEART & Strategies of the KING of Kings to expand HIS KINGDOM.

The KING'S Table™ Assembled To

  • Hear Divine Strategies From Heaven
  • Collaborate for Market Place Influence & Impact
  • Expand & Magnify Your reach
  • Amplify Your voices
  • Refine Your Understanding & Skills,
  • Push You Outside of Comfort Zones
  • Leverage Your Time, Energy & Efforts Better
  • Maximize Profits to Empower Others

The KING'S Table™ has assembling to not only retake the ground we have lost, but more importantly to occupy the new territories we must reach in-order to touch those caught up in the darkness that has further crept into our present world.

The Forces of Evil Are Regrouping

While we aim to occupy our new territories and ground we must also realize that the forces of evil have assembled their masterminds, and are crafting powerful strategies to regroup and ramp up their efforts to try and regain its foothold to steal the hearts and souls of GOD'S children.

It's Time...

If There Was Ever A Time to Come Together & Assemble, It's NOW.

It is time that GOD'S generals, in their respective fields, come together, set aside egos & pride and assemble to hear from Heaven the KING'S strategy for HIS final campaign for the victory & freedom of humanities heart & mind, otherwise we will suffer great losses.

Leaders today, more than ever, need to be able to gain the latest insights and strategies to leverage their time more effectively, amplify their voices, and maximize their reach.

And more importantly, as the battle rages on, we need to help inspire each other to GOD'S true height and help one another realign our efforts to ensure we are truly accomplishing GOD's objectives .

The KING'S Table™ collective wisdom of like-minded counsel, will make a powerful impact both in your vision, but also in expanding your reach because the insights gained from the individual domains and empires of others will cross pollinate your empire.

When we come together, we help each other to come up higher and see that bigger view. Then when we work together we put both wings and teeth into that vision and it becomes a reality

The KING'S Table™ Is Strategically Structured

With Mission Critical Features For Your Team To Quickly Implement

Private Secure Collaboration Platform

FaceBook is a big distraction and is not truly private for sensitive and personal information. The platform we use is a secure and private place to communicate, share and help each other without preying eyes.

Mastermind with Other Key Influencers & Leaders

When like minds come together an incredible things happens. You get access to wisdom you could not get on your own.

Monthly Mission Critical Keynote Live & Recorded Webinar

Each month we will feature a live keynote expert to help you in gaining more clarity, improve your skills and hearing from heaven even better.

Unlimited Support Texting

Sometimes yo need to be able to get a quick tip or insight. A a member of the KING'S Table you can text us and get a speedy reply.

Monthly KING'S Table Master Mind Online Focus Sessions

Often we have challenges that we need help solving but as the owner there are few we can discuss with, without tipping the boat. Our hot seat sessions are just the answer.

Specialized Training to 250x Your Results

Many leaders are too busy because they lack the understanding of what are their mission critical priorities are and what to really focus their efforts on. By developing key skills you'll more than 250 x your results.

Monthly Leading Edge Executive Book Summary

To stay at the top of your game you must be informed. Each month we'll have an executive book review of a leading book to help you stay at the top of your field.

Yearly Recreational Experiential Outings

The Pressures of Leadership demand we take a break. But in today's environment we can't waist time. Our outings enable you to refresh and refocus in a way that strengthens you to press on in your mission by clearing your heart and mind from the pressures of your calling. They enable you to relax, refresh, learn, and sharpen your game & life so you come back stronger.


A Virtual Treasure Chest Inside Your Membership Portal.

What Will You Discover
In The Members' Area?

We understand that time is of the essence so getting access to mission critical help and data is paramount. The Membership area for our leaders is easily laid out and even searchable so you can quickly get exactly what you need.

  • Video Support Center
  • Agreements, Forms & Situation Sheets
  • Executive Briefs & Book Synopsis
  • Much, Much, More.

The KING'S Table™ Benefits Are Priceless

Leaders Who Understand How To Tap Into Heaven Get Tremendous Value.

  • Hearing and Discerning God’s Heart
  • Increase your accuracy of hearing GOD to more than 75%
  • Acquire the Divine Strategies from Heaven to Conquer Your Market Space
  • Advance the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Gain the critical wisdom to reach more people and keep them engaged
  • Cross Pollinate Your Business with Innovative Ideas from other high impact businesses
  • Network with Industry Leaders outside of your fishbowl
  • Enjoy the fellowship of like-minded leaders who are eager to grow & improve their lives, and business
  • Feel fully connected and engaged back into your vision.
  • Become grounded & connected to life again
  • Get your life and business off of auto-pilot
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Experience Open Heart Leadership
  • Learn how to 250x Your Current Results
  • Learn the best online strategies & tactics working today to amplify your voice and maximize your online reach.
  • Freedom from uncertainty with new clarity of mind.
  • Renewed energy & Increased confidence in your vision
  • Updated clarity on how to pivot with spiritual changes
  • High Performance Support from other high impact leaders willing to help you reach the big dream the LORD asked you to steward.
  • Powerful accountability
  • Greater reach into your market segment
  • Increased engagement from your tribe & community
  • Revitalize your tribe to re-engage with you at a higher level
  • Refine your skill sets for greater leadership and results
  • Get closer to, or attain, your unrealized Passions
  • Much Much More

Listen To What Other Leaders
Are Saying Of The KING'S Table™

What We Are Praying For Through This Endeavor

So Now We Come to the Main Point.

We'd like to extend to you a private invitation to the KING'S Table.

Membership if not for everyone as many have not invested in the soil of their heart for such a gathering. So to be considered you will be asked to fill out an application that we can carefully review and pray over so we have a selection of leaders that can that could both add and receive significant value to the Round Table.

So it's time to your make your decision.

You'll be asked to have a KING'S Table Discovery Session to validate what your heart may already be saying.

You've reviewed the benefits and features of our mastermind above so you could get the complete details to make an effective decision.

Now it's time to decide.

Let's be honest, the old methods of making an impact are just not as effective.

We find ourselves exhausted from all the travel from our speaking arrangements, costs are rising and fewer people are showing up at live events.

People are running from the church by the millions as it lacks what their hearts are crying out for.

So the question is...

Do you keep doing what you have always done to get the results you have up to now, or worse, fall behind.

Or do you  choose  to step up  and  make an even better decision  to get better results and thrive in the days ahead for the KINGDOM of the LORD?

The invitation has gone out.

The question is what will be your response?

Will you be like the people in Luke 14:16-23 when they were invited to a big dinner but they all alike began to make excuses?

The first one said to him, 'I have bought a piece of land and I need to go out and look at it; please consider me excused.' And another one said, 'I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to try them out; please consider me excused.' And another one said, 'I have married a wife, and for that reason I cannot come.'

Or will you sense the calling and accept this royal invitation to seek the KING of Kings in this final hour?

The KING'S Table ™ Will Equip You In Realizing the Vision the LORD is asking you to steward!

We promise you that You'll catch a glimpse of how this gathering is the very solution to that deep cry in your heart and You'll walk away with a value far beyond your time or money invested.

We'll have our first Mastermind Gathering on Thursday the 8th of August at 2P.M. EST so make sure you fill out your application and accept your appointment quickly so you can get all your materials before we set sail in August.

You'll need the time to digest the welcome packet videos and get comfortable with the members area and how to use the communication and collaboration platforms we use,.

We look forward to aligning together.

Upward & Onward Roger

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The Royal Gathering Guarantee

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Comes with The KING'S Table™ Royal Gathering 30 Days Risk Free Guarantee...

The Royal Guarantee Says This:

If you truly sense that The KING’S Table™ does not give you the incredibly valuable, leading edge insights you need to draw closer to the KING of Kings and to take dominion in your market place, simply contact our royal support team (via email) within first 30 days of joining and we’ll happily process your refund.

So what are you still waiting for?

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