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To be part of the KING'S Table there are both unspoken and written agreements that members will willingly uphold and honor. If one chooses not to, or they break their vow,  they will be asked to step down away from the table.

These points or tenants include but are not limited to the following:

  1. The KING'S Table is designed and structured to seek the KING of King's heart, plans and strategies to advance HIS objectives alone and how we fit into that grand vision, as well as to seek HIS counsel on areas we all must shift and come into alignment with.It is therefore agreed that you are not participating to promote your business to the members.
  2. While alliances will form and members will strive to give the LORD'S answers and wisdom to advance the business you have been asked to steward, all forms of self-promotion will be strictly prohibited. This is about each member serving the interests of the KING and learning how they are to adjust ones efforts to be more effective for the KING. During the Hot seat session, the group will seek to hear the KING for your unique situation.
  3. You agree to keep all matters private among the group and only discuss with those in whom you both agree are needed for an individual's help and advancement. This includes network introductions, third-party vendors etc.Discretion will be used in handling all such matters.
  4. In order to gain the full value from the KING'S Table Hot Seat sessions and to respect the time limit, it is required that you submit the issues you are needing clarity on, or wisdom for, no less than two weeks prior to your hot seat appointment so each member of the KING'S Table can schedule and invest the time to review your situation sheet and will be ready to advise and give input.
  5. As a member of the KING'S Table, you agree to review the situation sheet of the LOVE seat participants prior to the hot seat session so you will be informed and ready to give the insights the KING of Kings gives you. This is to respect the time of all the members as well as to ensure the hot seat participant gets the full value of all the member who has been summoned to contribute.
  6. Receiving correction can be difficult at times  BUT it truly is for our good as it stems from the LOVE of GOD'S heart. You agree to listen to the council without arguing, respecting each members input and then after the session take what was spoken to you into your prayer closet to discern its truth.
  7. Each member agrees to make the necessary shifts, changes and adjustments as reveal by the KING of Kings in order to align the business or ministry the KING has commissioned them to steward with the KING'S vision. Failure to do so reveals that one's heart is not ready to completely partner with the KING and will be given one opportunity, after addressing the challenges by the other members to make such adjustments.If you still do not overcome the personal issues you will be asked to step down from The KING'S Table.
  8. The KINGS' Table is a place of considerable growth and change and is based on deep trust and relationships and that often takes time to develop to where members can open up and become vulnerable. In order to do so, it is recommended to participate for 12 months, no less than 6, to make the necessary changes. This gives you time to form the deeper relationships that can support, encourage and help hold you accountable. However, there is no obligation to stay and if you feel you need to step down you are welcome to do so.
  9. While there are no refunds for months you participated in, other than the initial 30 day grace period, there will be no additional charges after you resign your appointment.
  10. Upon stepping down you will relinquish your Sound View Membership for the individual who will replace your appointment.