Getting To Know
Your Back Office

While you are building your business you'll want to get comfortable with your back office and know both "How & When" to use the different aspects that you will find at the different stages of your advancement!

Back Office Overview

Your back office is where you want to be checking in at least once a day to make sure you don't miss anything and to check your holding tank for any possible placements that you'll need to make as you have up to 72 hours to get them placed.

How To Place Your Team

Now that your network is growing, you are going to need to know how to place your people into your network and which leg's to place your people. Keep in mind it can take up to 3 hours for the system to update so you can see your people in place.  

Activate Your IBO

When you enroll your 1st 3 students your subscription is free. But if you want to build your network and grow your business income, you'll want to activate your IBO
( Independent Business Organization) Once you do your back office will have more functionality. [NOTICE] It can take up to 24 hours for the system to update and show you as an IBO

More Coming

We're working as fast as we can learning what people need and then getting it here so hang tight as we'll get you the resources you are asking for.

More Coming

We're working as fast as we can learning what people need and then getting it here so hang tight as we'll get you the resources you are asking for.  

Step 2 - Begin Your Training!

As in any new venture there are things you will need to learn and so we recommend that you immerse yourself in a pre determined schedule of at least two hours a week. Maybe schedule your training on a certain day of the week. This includes training we are making available on this page, while also participating on the live calls from time to time. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just step back and ask tell yourself "Okay just relax, and what makes sense as the next logical step? If you do this, everything will "Chunk Down" into the next logical step. Remember Rome was not built in a day and neither will your Tradera business, it's a huge elephant here so take one bite at a time, chew well, then swallow.  If you begin to feel anxious like you are missing out, just remember You are right where you are supposed to be at the right time. Just stay in peace and you are in the right flow. If you loose peace, your letting someone else's voice rush you. Just tell it to be quiet and go back to one step, video, training and call at a time. Upward & Upward Warrior.

                                                                                          We are here to help you!

Use The Product

Make sure to schedule an a couple of hours each week to begin learning the course and begin trading. Cut out an hour of TV or wake up an hour earlier to study, or do it during your lunch break. Even if you just follow the buy sell notifications you'll have a working skill. And we'll also be protecting Tradera to make sure we are users of the product not just sellers. Aim to earn an extra $200/month to beign.

What Do I Say To Others?

Begin by remembering what was said to you. That will give you some clues. And while you do that also read the material Megan gave in her play book as you should have bookmarked it by now. If you did not go back to that step. You can also begin to tailor your conversations by using the Prospecting Script here and customize it to you.

Refer 3 & Yours Is Free

Your First Goal should be to refer this to others you know that may like to learn how to do Forex Trading or would be interested in how they could earn an extra $700 per month.


More to come


More to come  


More to come  

Get INSTANT Access to
The Back Office

Don't forget, you get access to all these benefits:

Training Education.
Trade Alerts.
Live Sessions.
Market Forecasts.
2 Week Sylabus.
20 Pips & Dips Strategy
Trade Community.

Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

Why can't I see my Genealogy Tree?

You won't be able to see your genealogy until you activate your IBO. We recommend you activate your IBO when you are ready to build the network side of your business. Once you do you will be bale to see how your business is growing and who will need your support and encouragement.

Why can't I see all the option in my IBO that I see in the video?

As a regular student you only have a few options you really need. One you are ready to build the business and you activate your IBO you will be able to see all your back end options as that is part of your $15 a month member benifits.

What's the difference between 'Paid Rank' and 'Lifetime Rank?

Paid Rank means where you are now, while Lifetime Rank means highest rank you have reached. As you will discover some people just don't have the ability to stay committed to sticking it out, or life happens and they have to drop out so it will affect your rank periodically until your business grows where the impact is minimal.

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