Welcome To Team TVG & Mission 777 (M7³)

Welcome to the TVG Family. You are one of the few who have taken action on an opportunity to fund the dream GOD's asked you to steward and empower others to do likewise. Now all you have to do is follow the steps. I look forward to working with you!

Step One!

Greetings Freedom Warrior. This system is powerful so the best thing to do is take one step at a time. READ the directions and follow the steps. It's that simple. Don't jump ahead, don't build without the instructions. It's better to be the fastest copy machine than it is to try and be an inventor. Copy then iterate.

Megan's Playbook

Megan is one of 3 Legend's in the company. She built her group to 100K/month in under 7 months. So create a folder in your documents called Tradera and then download her book to that folder and just follow those steps. Megan's PlayBook

Download Telegram & Join Mission 777

Download telegram to your phone and computer. https://telegram.org

Add Roger & Mission 777 to Your Telegram

Once you download your telegram app you'll want to make sure you add/join Roger Gauthier & Mission 777 to your your telegram account. Just follow this link here https://t.me/RogerGauthier And then join Mission 777   - Here

Download Dr. Needham's One Sheet

Dr. Needham has made a simple One Sheet plan based on Megan's Playbook on the steps to take. It makes it very clear so you can keep on track. Get it here

Download The Link's Sheet

There are a lot of links that will be passed around as you will come to find so we've made this document available for you to book mark and check back with regularly so you can keep a constant updated page with the relevant links we are using for training's meetings and get togethers. Book Mark This Link

Step 2 - Build Your Fast Start Story!

This incredible opportunity has two parts to it. Your Trading, And When You Ready, Your Independent Business Owner (IBO). For the best possible outcome you want to have a great story of results as quickly as possible so your team will also follow your lead. So there are five (5) stories you want to develop. Your Get 3 & Yours Is Free Story, Your Founders Story (Fast Start), Your $500/month story, and Your $5,000/Month Story. And for those of you who want to really plant your flag and go for it, your Legend Story!

We are here to help you build all 5

Use The Product

Make sure to begin learning the course and begin trading. Even if you just follow the buy sell notifications you'll have a working skill. And we'll also be protecting Tradera to make sure we are users of the product not just sellers.

Earn From Trading

Tradera is a training platform but as you go through Megan's Playbook you'll learn how to being trading in your demo account. But hopefully in two weeks you'll transition from Demo to real and begin making your first successful trades.

Refer 3 & Yours Is Free

Get your course scholarship for Free by registering 3 other students. When three people you recommend register for the course, your is free.

Build Your Team

This opportunity to prosper is too good to not help those you care about. There are too many people who could use an extra $500/month or more so sit down and assemble your "A" Team Roster of who you want to be on your team.

Move Up The Comp Plan

Everyone has a start. As Megan says, You don't have to be great to start, but you do have start to experience Greatness. Just follow Megan's Play Book & help others create an additional $500/mnth in extra income & You will be rewarded for blessings others & will rise up the comp plan laid out before you. 

Teach Your Leaders

Once you have registered your 3 for free and helped them register their 3 you'll be earning $500/month, then you teach your leaders to do the same. And then show them how to carry the torch and teach their 3 how to duplicate.

3) Schedule Your Training

Write down your "Why" & Expectation statement. Why do you want to do this and what do you expect in the next 30 days.
Schedule in your calendar the days you will study your Tradera Materials. Aim for 2hrs/day. If it does not get scheduled it won't get completed. 
Schedule your Launch Party. If it does not get scheduled you won't do it.

Poster by https://graf1x.com/product/color-psychology-poster/#tab-additional_information

5) Organize Your Space

You are in business now so create some place you can sit ad stand that is clean and clutter free
How to find the perfect colour scheme for your pages or sites.  This branding tip will save you thousands in designer fees
Choosing the perfect fonts for your pages - this will have your pages looking professional with just a few clicks
Create a Browser with Needed Tabs all for Tradera. Your Documents, your video's the needed bookmarks

6) Schedule Your
Launch Party!

Pick a day that you will have a launch party. When you pick a date, you will get really focused. I know Megan says to do it in 24 to 72 hours and that's great if you really want to fly fast. And at the same time there are those of us who have families, businesses and other commitments so plan it reasonably. My suggestion is within 2 no further than 3 weeks out.
Tell Your Leadership you have picked a date.
Send your poster to everyone you know to let them know you have launched a business, mission, or cause. Your job is not to convince but invite to support you.
Remember you don't have to get it right, or perfect, you just have to get it going. And once it's begun it's pretty hard to stop it.

This Really Works!
See What Other Team Members Have to Say...

I just followed the steps and signed up my 3 for Free in less than 48 hours. This is an amazing opportunity. My passion and mission is to teach our Wealth Building course to bless millions of families for FREE. Having the funding to make this vision a reality will be amazing. 

MARLON SMITH - ceo Success by choice

I am blessed to have been given this opportunity to be part of a team that is so highly motivated in building, connecting and establishing each other into financial freedom. We can all be a catalyst of change through our abundance. Alexa Von Tobel said it best, "A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future."

Crystal Escamillaeo ~ fetch the goodness

Over 20 years ago I experienced significant success in the network marketing world. However, I became frustrated with the industry I loved.  This week I was once again able to get excited about an opportunity. Now, as an elderly statesman, I can offer fellow seniors a great opportunity to create revenue to insure their future, a chance to have fun, and to give more than they may have thought possible in their later years

JIM MCKIe - Pres:Your Business Armor  

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Megan Lynch

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Got A Question? Here's The Answer...

What Is The Referral Links - Replicated Marketing Site?

When you sign up you were given a referral link. You can find and even edit it in IBO tab under "Referral Link" It's the name you want to use to promote your new business. Ours is tvgssm.tradera.org. So pick a name that you will feel good about sharing. You can change it later, just make sure that you don't start sharing your link a a lot only to change it because if you do you'll have to send it out to everyone again.

What is my e-Wallet for?

Your e-Wallet is so you can get paid your commissions from Tradera for the subscription referrals of your network as it grows. You get paid weekly and you can cash out any time you want.

Where can I get a copy of the agreements I signed?

You can download the Tradera Agreements here 

How do I get to my Back Office?

Your back office is located behind your the personal URL you set up upon registration. So you just go to (your custom name) .Tradera.org If you closed your browser before logging out then your cookie will take you to a page that does not let you log in so you'll want to use the link (you custom name) .tradera.org/Trade-Academy-Back-Office

Question five goes here?

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