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Get Your Personal Strategic Plan Reviewed!

One of the best ways to ensure you arrive at your destination successfully is to have your plan reviewed. Pilots, are constantly reviewing their plans as weather and circumstances change. Life is much the same. Circumstances and conditions change quickly so having someone to review your plan and help you see the forest from the tress can be a GOD send. My Strategic Review, which I normally charge $197 for, is designed to help you see what maybe you're not seeing and then co-laboring together to ensure your plan will be as solid as possible during today's challenges.

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What This Strategic Review Includes.

By choosing to have a strategic review (valued at $1000.00), you walk away with a personalized strategic review with Roger himself. He will personally review your questionnaire, then get on a live zoom call with you, help you to get clear on where you are going, help you see where you may need to focus, double down or eliminate activities so that you can accelerate your progress and get even more out of the 5 day training. At the end of the meeting you'll be emailed your own personal strategic plan.

  • Accelerate Your Progress

    The Strategic Review will accelerate your journey by helping you quickly laser in on your desired situation, see where you might be off, where you need to make adjustments, clearly map out your objectives, reveal your critical factors of success, your barriers and then will enable you to map out a clearly defined strategy into a monthly calendar.

  • Your Personalized Strategy Sheet

    After your session you will be emailed your own personal strategic planning sheet to keep on file for your review. Taken from our online course Strategic Freedom 2.0 these forms help you stay on track and enable you to laser your focus on the mission critical priorities to ensure you reach your destination.

  • Recording Of Your Session

    After your review you’ll also get the recording of our time together so you can catch any nuggets that maybe you we’re not able to capture because we only have an hour and we move quickly to ensure you have a solid plan in the most vital sector of your life

Your Ability To Focus & Execute
Will Determine The Value You Get Out.

Scripture declares that "In the multitude of counsel there is safety" and Luke 14:31 tells us "Or what king would go to war against another king without first sitting down with his counselors to discuss..." Without planning and discussing it says we will be made a fool. So make a wise decision. You can't get to new hights if you don't do new things.

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